Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Make Milk - What's YOUR Super Power???

Since Super Heros are a pervasive theme in our household at the moment (Carter has declared himself to be Spider Man), I thought this t-shirt was quite fitting!!!!

Bennett is going to be 1 in two weeks from today (sob!!!). I wasn't really sure what I was going to do about nursing after he turned 1. When Carter turned 1, I stopped pumping during the day and just nursed him whenever I was home with him. He continued to nurse until he was 18 months when he decided he was too busy to sit still any longer.

I absolutely loved nursing Carter and was really proud that I was able to nurse him until he was 18 months old. I always assumed I'd do the same with Bennett. But nursing has been SUCH a struggle for us. Because he was born very premature, I wasn't able to even put him to the breast until he was 5 weeks old. Even then, the doctors in the NICU only let us "practice" twice a day for ten minutes at a time. After he figured out how to eat from a bottle, he decided he wanted nothing to do with the "mumsie" and refused to latch until he was about 4 months old. I saw so many lactation consultants and persevered. You see, I lost almost every sense of "normalcy" with my pregnancy and Bennett's birth that usually comes with having a baby - I wasn't about to give up nursing. It was so important to me. When Bennett came off of oxygen completely at 6.5 months old, he miraculously started to take full feedings from the breast! I was amazed, as I never thought it would be possible for him to do so since he suffers from chronic lung disease and horrible reflux. But he did it - and I was in heaven! So, I only really started nursing about 5 months ago. Sure, I've been pumping every 2-3 hours around the clock for nearly a year, and its been totally worth it to give him the best stuff on earth. But...I hate the pump!

So, my dilemma was - do I stop pumping at 1 year and risk losing my supply (which is delicate because he was never a great nurser), or do I forge ahead and suck it up? Well, I decided my new goal is to get until July 11, 2009 - the day when Bennett should have turned 1. I just bought a 3 months supply of domperidone (medicine that helps keep my supply up), and brushed away any thoughts of quitting for now. When I consider how delicate Bennett's immune system is (breastmilk passes mommy's immunities to baby!), and how TINY he is (he's about the size of a 6 month old right now), how could I make any other choice?? So, for today at least - I'm affording myself Super Hero status.

And in honor of T-shirt week - here is my precious Bennett Boo in his "got breastmilk?" onesie my friend Alice Anne gave me!!

I couldn't decide between the two photos :)

I'll also take this opportunity to get on my "Breast is Best" soapbox! I'm not saying that formula is, as a friend put it "the devil's brew" (we have to supplement with formula sometimes), but there just is no disputing the awesomeness of breastmilk. It is THE perfect nutrition for YOUR child! Even when Bennett was premature, my body knew to make milk of the perfect composition for a premature baby. Tell me that isn't amazing! Preemies in particular NEED breastmilk as formula is just too difficult for their immature digestive systems to process and it can lead to a very life-threatening infection of the bowels. In case you harbor any lingering doubts - check out this kick-butt article - 101 Reasons to Breastfeed. The short and long term benefits to both mother AND baby are tremendous. I highly recommend it :)
So fellow Super Mommies - let's give each other a high-five! Post in the comments how many months you've given your child(ren) cumultively any amount of breast milk!
For me: Carter 18 months
Bennett 11.5 months
Total - 29.5 months!


  1. YAY for Breastfeeding.

    I BF Gracie for 13 months and Morgan for 18 months. 31 months total.

    Breastfeeding was EASY with Gracie...but Morgan came along and you'd think since I already know what I was doing it would be fine...but her latch was bad and I was in PAIN for at least the first 4 months. I stuck with it though and nursed her 18 months. I'm glad I didn't give up. :)

  2. I've been a milk bar for 5 months, 1 week and 2 days. My first goal is to make it to 6 months exclusive breast feeding and from there I will try for one year. Once I hit one year we will see what little B wants to do. Barrett has been a natural nurser all along but he gets distracted easily so I spend a lot of time in his room with the door shut and the drapes pulled.

  3. Becca - that is Bennett. He is constantly popping on and off, distracted and fascinated by anything - even dust floating in the air, lmao! Sometimes, I have to take him into my pitch-black closet to get him to focus, he he he. Good job!!!

  4. BREAST IS BEST! BREAST IS BEST! BREAST IS BEST! Clearly, I am screaming this from the confines of my home like a lunatic, but I can't help it! And I totally want that T-shirt. Where can I order it?

  5. Mel - I found it on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6028438

  6. 8 months and 2 weeks for us...and every day he is willing to nurse makes me feel like a superhero all over again. We will take it one day at a time...and I hope there are many many more 'one more days' ahead of us!

  7. hey Chantelle, I told you I needed to come out of lurkdom and post a comment. :) I've been BF-ing Emily for 5 months and 1 week. We'll start solids at 6 months but I want to BF for at least a year... probably closer to 18 months+ but we'll see what she wants. I love nursing and have had a pretty easy go of it, especially since I'm staying home. I think you are AMAZING for pumping so diligently. Great work, mama!

  8. I made milk for 32.5 months! For three mouths! And I did it when breast feeding was not fashionable! One day I will share my story of nursing Chantell while shopping at K-mart! No one knew the difference! LOL