Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast Food for Baby

To the parents of a premature baby, the end of April carries a whole new meaning - the end of RSV season. That means the world is no longer a scary dangerous place to take your baby where they can catch a potentially deadly respiratory disease simply by being within 5 feet of someone who's been exposed to it! Isn't that grand??? Ace and I are practically giddy about this and all the new possibilities that come with it. Bennett will be 1 in about a week and he has only been in public, other than doctors' offices, a handful of times. In the past, we've been a very active family, always on the go, and we are really looking forward to getting back to that!

As we were strolling around a lake path today with the boys, Ace and I were remarking that Bennett seems much more portable than Carter was at his age. Is it because he's generally a more laid back kid in comparison to his high-maintenance older brother? Or, is it because we're seasoned pros at this stuff by now, we know what we're doing, and very little phases us anymore? Whatever the reason, its really nice and we plan to take advantage of it!

So, I thought I'd share some of my tried-and-true favorite accessories that make feeding baby on the go super easy!

First up to bat - First Years Take & Toss

This is a very inexpensive line of disposable, yet VERY reusable, feeding items. You'll never have to worry about losing a spoon, bowl, or sippy cup again. I especially love the snack cups with the rotating lids - perfect for harnessing cheerios! The split-container bowel with spoon is also SUPER handy for meals on the go. They wash very well, and I've never yet had a piece warp in the dish washer.

Second - The Boon Squirt

This is a nifty little gizmo that I have come to love! You fill up the body of the spoon with your pureed food, and feed directly, just squeezing a little to fill up the spoon. It also comes with a cover for the spoon portion, but that isn't shown. This device eliminates the need for a bowel and it keeps feeding very clean. Its also very easy to wash. I generally prefer it for very pureed foods, such as Stage 1 or 2 foods. I make most of my own baby food though, and although I can't seem to get most things completely pureed, it has worked well with things even the consistency of apple sauce. I should add - its an excellent conversation piece as well. Everywhere I take it, people ask me about it and want to ooh and ahh at it! I've generally been very impressed with Boon products, and the Squirt is no exception.

Third - Bumkins Super Bibs

I will never ever buy another bib again! The Bumkins Super Bib is the perfect bib - lightweight, water proof, rinseable. It folds up very compactly so it doesn't take up any space in the diaper bag. You can simply rinse it or wipe it off on the go. It has a pocket for catching stray pieces of food. And it keeps baby dry underneath! Plus, who doesn't love the fun and colorful patterns??? We have each and every Dr. Seuss pattern they make! Its really an excellent bib - for home or on the go. This is a MUST HAVE!

Fourth and finally - Kiddopotomus Place Mat

This is an easy to clean, reusable place mat to barrier your child's cheerios and other table foods from the nasty dirty grimey surfaces they will be required to eat off of on the go. There are many options on the market for stick-on place mats, but they fall short for several reasons. First - they don't "hold" the food in since they are simply flat pieces of slippery plastic. Second - they are not earth-friendly, as they are one-use only items. The Kiddopotomus place mat is washable. And it has a little tray that catches stray pieces. As you see below, it rolls up super compact, which is essential for anything you have to lug around in your diaper bag!

Now if only I could discover a good high-chair cover that isn't bulky! Does anyone have any recommendations? We have one that rolls up into a ball, but its still too big to stuff into the diaper bag. Oh well - I guess we can't have everything 100% absolutely perfectamente. Maybe I should invent it!


  1. The Boon Squirt looks like it came out of an Infomercial, but it works! Now they just need to invent an equivalent gadget for the fork to match the spoon.

  2. We like to put yogurt in our Boon spoon. I'm going to look for that place mat no!

  3. Why isn't there a boon squirt fork? That makes no sense.