Monday, April 13, 2009

28 Years Old and 28 Accomplishments

So, as of this writing, Chantelle is officially...28 Years old! Wow! Keep in mind, I met her when she was 14. Anyway, another story for another day...

Happy Birthday, Elle! Here are 28 of your proudest accomplishments so far (not in order of importance).

1. Married a super model.
2. Gave birth to Carter (Aka Spider-Man).
3. Gave birth to Bennett.
4. Sustained Bennett's life in the womb for (I can't remember how many weeks) after water breaking.
5. Mom to two very happy and thriving boys.
6. Achieved "Superwoman" status in the household.
7. Owns a home.

8. Graduated with top honors in High School.
9. Summa Cum Laude, "with highest honors" from Mount St. Mary's University (NCAA Division I basketball team sucks - but we love 'em).
10. Juris Doctorate at University of Maryland School of Law (ranked 39 by U.S. News).
11. First in the family to obtain a JD (equivalent to a PhD in some States).
12. Tutored husband in Honors Biology (how husband got in the class, still a mystery)...

13. Litigator at Meyers, Rodbell & Rosenbaum. (Health Care Defense, Business Litigation, and Employment Law).
14. Won a few cases for the firm by doing awesome work.
15. Been working for the same firm for over 5 years now? (Dates are fuzzy).
16. Member of various law-related clubs.

17. Can read a 450-page novel in under a week!
18. Can do push-ups (but I will not dare say how many).
19. EXTREMELY efficient. One second will NOT go to waste!
20. Meticulous planner.
21. Learned how to dance Merengue and Salsa.
22. Sang at the National Cathedral in DC for Suzy's wedding.
23. Getting better at cooking (you should taste the meals she made when we first got married).
24. Creates beautiful greeting cards from scratch.
25. Won a few beauty pageants (can you tell I'm running out of things to say?).
26. Did gymnastics for a long time.
27. Won a few writing contests and was featured in the local newspapers.
28. Fluent in Spanish.

Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Awww!!! Thanks sweetheart!!! Now I feel special :)

    For the sake of accuracy, let me add that
    * I'm the supermodel, not you.
    * I managed to keep Bennett gestating for 6 weeks and 2 days after my water completely broke.
    * I've been with MRR 4 years as of this coming May
    * A juris doctor (JD) is considered similar to other professional degrees such as an MD, PharmD, etc. A PhD is really a different "type" of degree all together. Hm...maybe I should get one of those too!
    * While I competed in the Miss Maryland/Miss America pageant circuit (for the scholarships) many times, I never actually won a crown. I'm more proud to say, however, the I won "Best Interview" 5 times.

  2. well, happy birthday - hope it is a fun filled, relaxing, spectacular super great day!

  3. Have a great birthday!

    I'd just like to add **excellent source of advice and support to all of her pregnant and new mommy friends **

  4. LOL Chantelle you TOTALLY stole my first point I was going to make- that YOU are the supermodel! Simple grammatical mistake Ace- no big deal. ;)

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!