Monday, April 20, 2009

Patience (With Yourself) Is a Virtue

So...I declare this "T-shirt Week"!! I've come across a few fun t-shirts lately that have inspired some blog topics, so each of my blogs this week will feature a new t-shirt. Go ahead, tell me how corney that is - I can take it!

I recently discovered an online store called Faith Baby that sells Christian-inspired clothing for kids and babies, and saw this t-shirt, which I think would be PERFECT for Carter:

If you can't see the writing, it says "be patient. God is not finished with me yet!" Of course, this t-shirt is intended for toddlers, but I could sure use one adult-sized for me!!!

So, I last left you all gloating about my grand plans to clean my house top to bottom. Oh boy did I have big plans! I arranged for Ace to take the boys and leave me in peace and serenity for SIX straight hours Saturday. Surely, that is long enough don't you think? Back in the day before frugality hit me, I had a cleaning lady come once every two weeks and it took her like 3-4 hours to clean the house. If she could do it, so can I! Right? WRONG.

In six hours, all I managed to get done was the family room (but boy was it disgusting), the exterior of the kitchen (didn't get inside the fridge, cabinets or pantry), the half bath, and the foyer. PATHETIC. I swear I only took one 10-minute break the entire time to pump too. What the heck is wrong with me??? Even when I have all time in the world (i.e. 6 hours when you are a mom of two), I can't manage to keep my house clean! I'm just falling apart people!

After getting over my initial disappointment (err...devastation), I decided to give myself a break. I'm always plunging in expecting that I can whip things into shape and get things "perfect" again. I have this long list of goals that I wrote up for 2009, which if accomplished probably would resemble something along the lines of a Stepford Wife, but with a full-time career added on top. And I'm always so frustrated that I can't seem to make any headway on this list. I keep declaring "This will be THE week when I get my life in order!" Yet, it just never happens. Alas, I am not superwoman. Maybe back in the day I was, but that was before two kids, a law career and chronic sleep deprivation descended on me. I just may never accomplish that entire list of goals. I'm a work in progress after all!!!

So, the moral of the story here is - baby steps. I've realized that the only way any of my goals will ever come close to being met is to gradually work toward achieving them (or achieving the steps it takes to achieve them, lol!). I just need to be patient with myself! God doesn't give up on me because I am not perfect (yet), now does he? So, I can't keep giving up on myself. Maybe my house will achieve model-home status one day, and maybe it won't. As long as I view it as a work in progress, then I'll be one step closer. And a lot less frazzled and stressed about it.


  1. You're a better wife/mother then me! I only work part-time and my house STILL looks like a disaster area! It feels like the kids walk behind me and as I clean something up, they put something else down! I'm just biding my time until they're old enough to really clean up after themselves, then cleaning the house will be THEIR chore! LOL

  2. I may not be a lawyer, or a mother of two, but I may be able to offer some advice. I find myself being a whole lot busier than I would enjoy being, and usually a lot more stressed. The apartment still needs to get cleaned, though. Every Saturday, I do the majority of the cleaning (i.e.: laundry, scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming, cleaning critter cages, etc), but I try to get a little thing or two done each day as well. Dust on Tuesday? Wash the kitchen floor on Monday? That way, I don't exhaust myself in one day. For you, you could clean out one cabinet in the kitchen each day and then spend one day of the week (with whatever time you have) cleaning the kitchen. The next week, you could do the same thing with the basement. Just an idea. =)

  3. Yeah Kate, that is the goal/philosophy, I just never seem to get it to work. I always have so much work to do for work on the weeknights and 11 pm (my bedtime) rolls around all too quickly. I'm slowly coming to the realization that if I want my house clean I either need to quit working or hire a housecleaner again, lol!

  4. I vote for the house cleaner! I can't keep my townhouse clean... there's no way I could keep your house clean. I think you did a LOT in your 6 hours! Mind you, in a full day right now, I can't even manage a shower most days. Sooo... you are totally wonderwoman to me right now.