Thursday, April 23, 2009

I know I'm biased but, is this the face of an angel?

After a long day at play...this is what Bennett does to "chillax"! What a face.


Now on to more important topics!

Avoid the new movie, The Soloist by Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox. It is a complete waste of time. If you think I'm speaking from a chauvinistic male perspective (because my taste in movies involve BIG guns, fast cars, and tight abs), consider this:

1. Over 2 Minutes of screen time wasted by showing psychedelic, epilepsy inducing images of random swirling colors that practically gave everyone a minor migraine.

2. It uses 7th-grade humor relating to urine, which does not really fit with the theme of the movie.

3. Dramatic elements were not thought or emotionally provoking.

4. There is no climax, just seemingly random set of events that will leave the viewers highly disappointed.

5. The story could have been told in under 20 minutes, instead it dragged on for two hours.

In light of fair and honest "reporting" here are some of the goodies.

1. Beethoven.

2. Timely cut scenes and understandable dialogue.

To summarize, save your 10 bucks and buy a Beethoven CD then find someone intelligent to have a conversation with.

You'll thank me later when you are flippin' through the channels and you happen to catch this movie on TNT.

Ace Custodio


  1. Hehe- you said URINE! Oh wait, sorry, I know that urine is not supposed to be a funny topic... perhaps my 7th graders are getting to me again...

  2. Oh my GOSH - he is precious. But, I must disclose my bias as well - I birthed him :)

    So glad I didn't waste my time to go to that movie with you. These days, it hardly seems worth it. Prefer Netflix hands down.