Tuesday, April 28, 2009

South Beach HERE I COME!

Did you realize that summer is dangerously approaching?? As if these blazing temperatures we've had the last few days isn't reminder enough! Well, this summer I've resolved not to spend it looking like a beached whale! I need to lose approximately 18 pounds to get back to my happy weight were sleeveless tops and snug fitting clothes aren't offensive to general sensibilities. Bennett is going to be 1 in a week (*sob*) - I guess I can no longer use the euphemism "baby fat," huh?

So, yesterday, I started Phase I of the South Beach Diet. For those unfamiliar, Phase I requires you to cut out all carbohydrates and requires you to eat lean proteins. Think lots and LOTS of veggies, chicken breasts, turkey, low-fat dairy... For "treats" you do have options such as sugar free Jello or pudding. But you want to avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar like the plague. Or the swine flu. This is done for 14 short (or long and grueling) days. The theory is that you are 1. weaning your body off its sugar and carb addiction and 2. shocking your metabolism into gear. Carbohydrates are generally our energy source. So, if you aren't eat them, your body will have to start converting those fat stores that have been hanging around in your saddle bags for energy. The down-side is that you usually have some decreased energy and headaches during this period. However, most people (according to the book) lose about 10 lbs in the first two weeks. The most I've lost doing this was 6 lbs in two weeks.

After Phase I is complete, you move on two Phase II, which allows you to phase in limited portions of unrefined "whole" carbohydrates. The book touts that most people lose 2 lbs a week in this phase.

This may sound drastic, but I need something dramatic to jump my butt into gear! So, wish me luck!!! Anyone want to play along????

Also - has anyone read South Beach Diet Supercharged?? What is different??


  1. be very careful with south beach or any other carb restrictive diet for that matter as it is extremely easy to get dehydrated. also don't be tempted to hang out in "phase one" because you're losing a lot of weight. Most of it is water (see above) and it can really mess up your body's chemistry. Good luck with toning up. I'm working out with P90X but following my normal diet plan to try to get rid of these last few pounds and some of the jiggle before summer time.

  2. Really?? Even if you are drinking a ton of water? I drink upwards of 100 oz a day.

    For some reason, working out is doing nothing for me. :( Someone mentioned that maybe I'm not eating enough calories and since I'm nursing my body could be hanging on to the stores for dear life. Hm....

    I lost all the weight after Carter was born within the first few weeks without ever trying!! This is EVIL!

  3. Take a look at your exercise routine. You may need to change it up. Your body gets use to a certain thing and it will not respond as it use too! Mix up your routines. Run a couple days a week or opt to bike, lift weights on different days. Invest in a few high energy pilate DVD's, Yoga, etc... Keep your body guessing at what you are going to do to it! That is basically how the P90X system works. Change your routine every few weeks. If you run you will have to vary the intensity and the distance, not necessarily both at the same time though! Even running will plateau for you. Take a few days break or just do hills walking instead. Vary intensity and you will see great rewards! I have done South Beach also. I liked it. And proably will need to do it again while Iam off of running for a couple weeks! I will get the book outand start this week!

  4. you're probably ok with that much water. what happens is that your body uses a lot of water to break down fat so your water stores get used up quickly..that's where the headache comes in. Like Renee said, vary your workout. it creates muscle confusion, eliminates plateuing and just keeps it interesting.

    it could also be that you're not eating enough calories like that someone said. Your body will think "hey, our home must have been damaged and we're on the move constantly without food. time to shift metabolism into a low gear to last for the long haul". use lean proteins and complex carbs to give yourself some quick energy with a slow metabolic burn.

    I'm sure you'll be looking even more fabulous come summer time!

  5. i think i am going to write on my blog about low carb and "healthy" carb lifestyles. Granted, I am not at my ideal weight right now – but I did get there and I did improve my health – not just weight but my actual health by 90%. I was also able to conceive and beat my “infertility” – just so many benefits and perks.
    I have done both Atkins and SB diets, as well as just a modified "smart" diet eliminating refined sugars and carbs.
    there is so much controversy about low carb and the effects of it – even if you just do it in phases, but really there is so much truth and just common sense to it also.
    that was interesting to read about the dehydration causing the headaches, I had never thought of that, but I do also know – when you “detox” from sugar, you withdraw the same as you would from coffee, ciggs, drugs – any other stimulant. It is a physical withdraw. But what great incentive to drink more water while low carbing or adjusting your carb intake! Glad I read that! But still confused, I found myself drinking more water since I couldn’t drink my usual sodas and milk and sugary drinks, which do nothing for hydration – so I would almost think that you would be less hydrated on an “all-u-can-eat” diet?
    Rather than praise the all mighty low carb approach in your blog comments, I will just congratulate you and give you a pat on the back and wish you best of luck!!!!! :)
    Instead I’ll go running to my blog to purge all my enthusiasm about low-carb approaches!!!! Lol GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

  6. Yeah I'm no help as I just ate a brownie. Ok I ate two. And I have no motivation to diet or exercise. Feel free to carry me at Bennett's walk because I will probably pass out after about 5-10 minutes! LOL!

  7. We're bringing two strollers right? One for Bennett, the other for...whomever?

  8. Yea Mom and I are starting the South Beach. I started to read the book and I'm hyped about it. I need to loose 20lbs and with me training im sure it will come off with ease.

  9. Yeah Peanut - you're a male and you're only 19 - I'm sure the weight will slither off you like butter off a hot knife. Lucky.

  10. I'll take that second stroller Ace. And thank you so much for involuntarily offering to push me! You're such a great friend. ;)