Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Honorary Blog Contributor: Ace (Nightowl Version - for those insomniacs)...

After eating some delicious dinner (that I cooked - because I'm a GREAT chef), Elle and I talked about how the previous design to this blog kind of hurt the eyes a bit.

Hm...Orange text on a light-colored background really put your eyes on squint-mode. Not to mention, professional graphic designers tend to stay away from using secondary color combos for text and backgrounds.

Here's a visual example. When you get to the end credits in a movie the text color used is usually white against a background that is black, right? I guess getting to the end credits would depend on which movie you are venturing to see...And, if you're thinking Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz can't possibly make a terrible movie together, then you must not have heard of "All The Pretty Horses" that came out in 2000 while in the midst of our steamy romantic days (she dragged me to go see it...). Now, there's a classic that should be used to crack the toughest criminals under interrogation! If you haven't seen this movie, consider yourself lucky. If you have seen this movie AND you liked it...what were you smoking because I want some.

Anyway, I volunteered to give this here a little bit of a face lift. And...

Viola (sp)!

After 4 hours in and totally blowing up the blog...here I am, writing about how I managed to learn a bit of XML and some basic design principles. By the way speaking of design, I single-handedly designed www.camtrading.com (a multimillion-dollar investment management firm that is set to dominate the world of investing, IRAs, 401(k)s yada yada yada - seriously! Ask any one of the 90 or so clients under our wing about how true our national dominance is right now, just don't ask me to disclose their identities as it is illegal for us to do so).

Aside from the shameless promotional plug about my company, I plan to come by once in a while to write opinions about movies (action, comedy, horror), music (Rap, Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap), and cars (exotics, expensive, and anything out of the budget).

Next topic, I will discuss the pros and cons of joining a gang (I only speak from real life experience)...


  1. If by cooking you mean following my explicit instructions to a "T" and then adding in some extra salt....ok, I'll give you that.

  2. Ahh, the old Webmaster is hard at work again! I like the new look! Elle, I got to give it to him, its better than what you had. Definitely easier to read. As for cooking, he got lucky! We all know you are far superior than he is in the kitchen! But no one makes ribs like me!

  3. Gangs are my forte... as opposed to other things... like cooking!

  4. Being that I'm a gang prosecutor, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on joining a gang -- haha! Elle -- WHAT IS IT WITH GUYS AND SALT!?!?!