Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lady luck is not my friend

What a weekend! Had I known how it was going to turn out, I'd have flown to Bermuda instead. Except for, with my luck this weekend, my plane probably would have crashed!

Friday went alright. I tried to leave the office early, but those efforts were thwarted by another attorney at my office who thought 4:30 on a gorgeous Friday afternoon was perfect timing to discuss a case we have together. So, we had to nix our plans for a picnic dinner because we had tickets to see the Seussical Musical put on by the middle schoolers at Carter's school. It was sooo cute! But Bennett decided to rival the performers, so we had to leave at intermission.

Saturday, we were heading to West Virginia to visit my best friend Melissa and her family. We were sitting at a red light right before the exit we get off at for her house, behind at least 10 cars, for at least 30 seconds...when I glance back in my rear view mirror and see this F-250 truck speeding up on me, braking hard, fish-tailing....then BAM! Yep, smack into the back of my new (used) car. With my baby in the back seat. (We'd dropped Carter off with my parents to go to a Children's Museum just minutes earlier). I FREAKED. Bennett was fine. I was ok (neck really sore, ears hurt, wrist hurt, shoulder and knee sore, etc.). Ace was fine. Car... not so fine. *sigh*

I tried to report it to my insurance company to get set up with a rental, but they aren't open until Monday. Of course, I have to be in court in D.C. at 9:30 Monday morning...

We went ahead and went on to Melissa's house and had a very lovely afternoon grilling out, loving on the babies, and plotting to take over the world. Went to pick up Carter, and headed home. Put the kids to bed, popped some pain pills, and watched the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carey. HILARIOUS!!! Definitely recommend it! Crashed.

Woke up bright and early with Bennett this morning. Nursed, played, cleaned. Took him upstairs for a nap. Come down, and my entire foyer is covered in....TERMITES!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!

WHY ME?!? Seriously. Why????? We never seen a hint of a termite on our property before. Where did they come from??? Luckily, we had some insecticide spray from an ant infestation we had in our garage about two years ago. That killed them on contact and we were able to clean them up easily. Once those were gone, we haven't seen anymore. Terminex is coming tomorrow to give us a quote. Lovely. Just what we need right now.

On top of that, we found a hornet in the living room. Ace caught it in a ziploc bag and wanted to set it on fire. I, the logical and level-headed one, forcefully protested to this dangerous and bad-example-setting behavior.

Then on top of that...our camera is about to die. You can't have two gorgeous adorable kids and not have a camera. we need to crunch numbers and figure out all these expenses that have suddenly popped up over the weekend. *sigh*

So, as you see, lady luck has a vendetta against me and carefully executed it this weekend. I pray she's finished exacting her revenge and we can now call it a truce. What are the chances?

My mom, on the other hand, had a rather fantastic weekend! She finished her half-marathon in 2 hours 52 minutes. In the heat! Here is a picture of her and my little brother Jimmy crossing the finish line. YAY MOM! We're so proud of you. And you too Peanut :) We are planning on doing the Disney half-marathon together next November, and making a vacation out of it! I guess I ought to start training....


  1. chantelle...... omg.....
    i saw your accident!!!! my friend and i were on our way to take our girls to harpers ferry and we saw it!!!! however....... lol..... we thought that the little blue car was hit, and upon being hit the cops found something illegal in the car or somethign because we couldnt figure out why the fire truck was blocking you lol..... but then again she and i have funky imaginations lol. but OMG i can not believe that was you, i saw the infant carrier and i was like oh my she has a bab and we said a little prayer for 'whoever that lady was' - though sounds like we should have prayed that 'the lady' didn't have anymore bad luck!!!!
    i am SO happy to hear you are okay!!!!
    and BTW - how do you like the Fusion? i had one as a rental and loved it and am thinking of trading my cursed vehicle in for a used one - nice to see that it can withstand a f-250!!!!!!

  2. Oh wow Lizzie, how coincidental!!!!!!!

    The fire truck was actually attached to the truck that hit me with a chain trying to unbend his solid steel bumper that he hit us so hard with that it bent into his tire....

    Yeah, Ace and I FLIPPED when he hit us b/c of Bennett in the car. I don't think I'd ever seen Ace move so fast as to get back there to check on Bennett. Thank God he was ok, b/c I would have murdered that idiot on the spot. Such a stupid accident.

    Thanks for praying for me!!!! It worked b/c as sore as I was yesterday, today I feel fine!

    I do like the Fusion a lot. I wanted something more gas efficient than my Xterra (which I totaled over the winter in Frederick when I got into a fight with an icy road and a light pole and lost). I am getting about 28 mpg on it right now! Its spacious enough on the inside. Drives decently. Can't complain! I'm definitely loving the greatly decreased gas bill each month though!!! We figured this would be good for me while I'm commuting and I can get an SUV again when we have numero tres and need to haul gobs of kids and stuff.