Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Mint.com will revolutionize the way you manage your personal finances!

If you're living in the modern world, you probably have several bank accounts, credit card accounts, student loans, investment accounts, and mortgages that can all be accessed with a user name and password online?

It is time consuming to keep up with them individually, but MINT.com consolidates all of these accounts online!

Check out the screen shots and decide for yourself if this FREE service is worth your time (I truly believe it is).

[Oh, and to ensure you are being served with unbiased advice, MINT.com is not affiliated in any way with another financial services powerhouse: www.camtrading.com.]

Here's what the homepage looks like:

See why you'd want to use Mint.com:

It even works with your iPhone:

You can even track your investment performance:

Now you can get intimate with your money!

Written by: Ace Custodio
Co-Founder/CEO: Camtrading.com
Another awesome financial services company!


  1. *YAWN* Thanks Ace for the zone-out moment ;)

    In all seriousness, you all should check out this program. Its a great way to get your finances organized and simplified!!! We all could use that, no?

    And while you're at it - check out www.camtrading.com :) Well, only if you want your investments to actually GROW, that is ;)

  2. Yeah, this article was the reason I needed a nap this afternoon. I didn't realize I could be so boring...