Friday, April 24, 2009


The last shirt for "T-Shirt Week" is for my mom who is ...

get this ...

running her first half marathon tomorrow!!!! Yes, people, my nearly-50 year old mother is running a half marathon - 13.1 miles! GO MOM!!! Kick butt!

I don't even need to describe for you all the amount of work and dedication it takes to train for a half-marathon. I'm so proud of her! And inspired too. Heck, if my mom can do it, so can I, right?? And so can any of you! And, um...I really want that "13.1" sticker you see everywhere for my car...

Here is my mom and I about to run a 5k together last September:

That's all for today. I figure I cramped your brains enough yesterday with my 13.1 mile-long post/rant that I would keep it light and fun today (although I think mom would disagree 13.1 miles is "light").


  1. Sure picked a good picture (belly hanging out!) I am a bit slimmer today thanks to all my running! Yes, Elle we are going to do a half Marathon together! How about Disney World? Keep me in your prayers and hope my legs get me to the finish!

  2. Go Momma! I'm so envious. Right now I am just hoping to finish the 5k I am signed up for for next weekend.