Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's talk about gangs...or not?

So, after my previous ramblings, I mentioned that I will talk about the pros and cons of being a gang member for my next topic. I know that some of the audience members of this blog have either first-hand experience with dealing with gang members or prosecuting gang members...and to stay true to my intention, I have decided to give a quick and dirty list of what I *think* the pros and cons are of joining a gang (before moving on to more serious topics).

1. It's cool. I mean, come on, graffiti on concrete walls? Random tattoos of some cult symbol? Late night "snack" runs to the nearest 7-Eleven?
2. Weapons. I think, by joining a gang, you will get your choice of "man-handler." Of course, that assumes you passed the hazing part.
3. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals. This is not like joining the local rotary, or church group, oh no, not in the mean streets...there are some serious thugs who want nothing more than to inflict pain on others. Perfect company right?

1. It's bad for you. There's just a negative connotation around the word "Gang." Wouldn't you agree?
2. You will commit crime. I don't mean computer crime like hacking into your wife's e-mail account to send your mother-in-law hate mail. I mean, serious, punishable crimes that will cause you to do time!
3. Parties, parties, and more parties. The parties involve heavy drinking, and sex with random people. (Hm...this one could belong in the Pros section)...
4. Smoking. I've seen enough TV to know what gang members do. They smoke! Yuck!

So, lesson learned kids. Preserve your pearly whites, don't join a gang!


Moving onto more serious topics...

Google Docs. I have uncovered another gem of productivity tools online and that is Google Docs. Almond (my brother, co-worker) and I have always been sending each other Excel documents through e-mail for editing. No more! Thanks to Google Docs. All you do is upload your file, send an invite to your friend's e-mail and viola (sp?)! Instant document collaboration!

Good-bye painstakingly long uploads and downloads of the same Excel document, hello...Google Docs.

Disclosure: While we wish we were being paid for promoting Google in any way, unfortunately, there is no monetary compensation for recommending the use of Google Docs. I just really think it's that cool!

Next topic, and why I think this will revolutionize the way you do your budgeting.



  1. google docs rocks the socks. I used it in grad school to work on papers at home and at work without having to email things back and forth to myself.

  2. i am excited to hear about this since i FINALLY after 27 years decided to do a budget for myself!

  3. Hm...maybe you ought to leave the discussions with the kids about such topics as gangs, drugs, drinking, smoking and sex to me...

    I have to second! I can't wait for Ace's blog on that!