Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a weekend!

Operative Word: BUSY!!!

We had a rich and full weekend. Too bad the only "productive" thing I accomplished all weekend was the laundry! We may not eat this week, but we'll have clean clothes!!!

Saturday morning, we took a scenic drive up to Poolesville, Maryland to the Homestead Farm with the best of intentions to go cherry picking with several of my husband's siblings and our niece and nephew. It was a tad overcast on our way up, but we weren't too worried. Until we started strolling down to the orchard that is, and were pelted by rain droplets! So, we headed back up to the store to see what would transpire. With impeccable timing, the heavens parted and buckets of rain began to downpour within a minute of our reaching shelter! Carter decided to take a rain shower, but the rest of us stayed warm and dry until the skies cleared again. We decided to just buy cherries (and some peaches) and go home, but the kids really wanted to pick something. So, we had the great idea to pick strawberries. Fabulous idea, except the fact that the strawberry fields were nearly completely under water at this point, and the trails to get to them were (in the words of the infamous Dora the Explorer) "muddy mudpits."

Bennett's first farm visit!

Carter's umpteenth farm visit!

Saturday evening, we went to the first birthday party of a little girl we met while Bennett was in the NICU. Her mum is a lawyer like me, so we hit it off from the start. Her water broke at about 29 weeks and she delivered a little before 33 weeks. Her little girl stayed in the NICU for 7 weeks due to her habit of having bradycardias secondary to reflux. Not fun!!! It was a beautiful party and we saw several of our other NICU friends there too! Needless to say, after this fun-filled day, the kids were conked out early!

Today, we drove to Charles Town, WV, to attend the baby dedication of my best friend Melissa's son Elijah. It was a beautiful ceremony! They had a fun party afterward to celebrate.

From L to R: Bennett, Ace, Carter, Elijah, Melissa, Chantelle

Mommy and squirmy Bennett

Then we headed to my in-laws' house to celebrate Father's Day!

YAWN! I'm sleeeeeepy! Fortunately, (and unfortunately) this week is going to be a busssssy one as well!! I guess I ought to sign off and try for a few hours of shut eye! Goodnight!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I loved seeing you all! Good luck this week!!!