Saturday, June 20, 2009

My New 'Do and a Book Review

I couldn't help myself with the rhyme! I didn't realize how loooooong my hair was! I got 8 inches taken off!!! I asked for light golden brown highlights, but it turned out darker than I had hoped. Oh well! I got long "whispy" side bangs and some long layers and shaping around my face.

Here's Bennett helping me show off the new hair. It was humid today, so some frizz despite.

This morning, I finished reading American Wife. I'm kind of mixed on it. The book is a fictional story about the life from girlhood to the present of a First Lady. It was a great story, BUT... the characters and plot were loosely (in some parts verrry loosely) based off of George and Laura Bush. Once we got to the present-day part of the story, it got a little "cheesy" - too close to the Bush Presidency. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it!

Now, I'm starting on Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts, which is non-fiction.