Friday, June 26, 2009

No Tears to Shed

I, like most of the world, was shocked yesterday to hear of the untimely death of the legendary Michael Jackson. What was even more shocking to me, however, is the reaction to his death.

Yes, he was a musical genius.

Yes, he broke down race barriers.

Yes, he defined pop music for my generation.

But, he also had inappropriate relationships with young boys. (Yeah, I know he settled, but come on...). He has exhibited beyond eccentric behavior in the past 10 years that seriously calls into question his mental stability. He was flat broke.
Sure, he was about to come out with a come back album. But let's be honest - when is such an endeavor ever a success? Nine times out of ten, its a big flop. Michael Jackson, the musical icon, has been dead for a long time people. He was never "coming back." That era was long over.

I agree, its rather shocking to hear of anyone dropping dead so suddenly at the young age of 50. I agree, its sad for his family (as poisonous and dysfunctional as they were) and his children. But do we really need to cry? Do we really have to feel as if it was a personal loss?

One of my "friends" on Facebook posted yesterday that this was the most significant death of our (70s and 80s kids) generation. Seriously?

I guess what I'm trying to say is - have we all forgotten what a nutcase he was all of a sudden? Has all that been wiped clean? What is with this idol worship? Can't we just simply say "how sad" listen to Thriller and Billy Jean a few times in tribute, and move on?

But, I've never been a big celebrity-worshipper anyway, so perhaps I just can't understand.


  1. i am so not a celeb worshiper either, so it never really pulls at my heart strings to hear of the passing of an idol, icon, celeb.
    yes, i agree, it is sad, it does peak my morbid curiosity into what happened and how it happened - afterall, a celeb to me is just a fictional character in some stupid book that sells for WAYYYYYYYY too much money.... lol

    so, i agree completely.

    it is a sad thing, and i am sad for the family and friends and sad to see one of our generations icons gone. let me pour a little beer out for my homie and move on.

    now, onto another subject stemming from this.......... you said he has been dead for years, and that historically, his "comeback" would be a flop - i agree......

    know what pisses me off? people wait for death to celebrate the life of someone - and proclaim themselves at that momnet of loss the "biggest fan" - or best friend, lover, closest family member..... what ever the relationship might be.

    for some reason recently, all i want to do is tell everyone i know that i love them, be with them, celebrate them, enjoy them. not wait for them to be gone, not forget to call them and just wait till they call me - or wait till i get a call informing me that i'll never hear from them again.

    we shouldn't wait until a life ends to take a minute to celebrate that life. we shouldn't chastise them one day and then put it all away and pretend we didn't care about those issues the day they die.
    either live life EVERYDAY with a forgiving heart, and if you can't then don't pretend you have one once that person is dead.
    live life in constant celebration of friends, family, loved ones and mankind in general.
    life is too short and we are not only limited to the days and hours in which we can let those we love know we love them, we are also limited to our own laziness and ignorance in reaching out to those we love - and unfortunatley it just makes you look even more ignorant when that person passes.

    sorry, i just had to get that out. lol!

  2. for serious. I am glad to know that I am not the only person confused by all of the mourning of MJ. What bothered me most was that the situation in Iran was overshadowed by this three-ring circus. The only thing on the news was MJ, MJ, MJ. come on, there are more important things in the world for goodness' sake!

  3. I paid my tribute...I listened to Smooth Criminal a few times this morning and for a few seconds I forgot he was a Pedophile. Ah, love how music can cleanse your memory...

    Now, back to work!

  4. Becca - Maybe Iran arranged for his death knowing the media circus from this celeb-obsessed nation would take the heat off of them for a few days ;)

  5. My reaction... "you don't say"... I was never a real fan of MJ but I too feel like that era has long since past. I feel for the family and the twisted lives they are living but mourn is not really what I feel like doing. I was more sadden knowing that Farrah lost her fight and that Johnny Carson's sidekick, Ed McMahan past at a ripe age of 86! Can you tell MJ was an influence in my life... not! He was a very dark and strange person and had a sick way with children. Perv, that is my discription. Now we have to listen to countless dedications on the radio, TV and publishings, I will sit in silence and if I want to hear Billie Jean, I will go buy the cd, not.....

  6. I think regardless of how crazy or troubled he was a person, he did contribute a great deal to our pop culture. I don't feel the need to mourn him as a person, but I do feel that an "era" has died. I'm not really a celebrity gazer, but I do recognize that Michael Jackson was probably one of the most talented individuals ever.

  7. I've never felt that we should grieve over the loss of a celebrity. You do not loose anything when they pass except for the possibility of them pumping out more of whatever they made that you enjoy. I think people tend to get too obsessed with celebrities (just look at half the magazines on the shelves at the grocery store). I'm not mourning or celebrating his loss, I'm just respectfully acknowledging that a man is dead whenever I am asked about it.

    There's no need to make it personal and add more saddness to your life!