Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a no good, low down, dirty, rotten day!!!

I should have stayed in bed this morning! Here is the saga...

I was supposed to be in D.C. this morning at 9 o'clock for a mandatory professionalism course (yawn) for my D.C. license. I left my house at 7 o'clock, giving myself plenty of time to get there - ha! What would normally be a 20 minute drive to the Metro took an HOUR AND A HALF!!!! Apparently, people can't drive in rain. My blood pressure rose with each passing (or non-passing) mile.

I jump on the Metro, and in my rush and panic, I end up taking the long route on accident. Nice. I finally do arrive, a mere 5 minutes late, and am told that I will not be allowed in. Groan!!!! Are you kidding me??? What could they possibly have covered in those first 5 minutes that is so important?? I should be thankful, however, that I just came from Maryland...the gentlemen who arrived behind me flew in from California for it! However, as a nice consolation prize, they did waive the rescheduling fee. How considerate. Now, I have to drag butt all the way back there on July 11th, which is a Saturday!!! to take this stupid course. Otherwise, my license will expire and that would be no good. At least, my boss wouldn't like it.

So, I mosey on down to the U.S. District Court to get two summons signed (that's another frustrating story, but I'll spare you...). The Rule is rather ambiguous, so I prepared the summons in two different ways just in case. I get that done and hop back on the Metro to come into the office and make this day productive. I am at the last stop before the station where I am parked when my secretary calls to tell me that the Court called and said I put the wrong name on the summons. Lovely. It really was a silly stupid mistake.

So, I'm back in the office now, and I reallllly don't want to walk down to my boss' office and tell him about my adventures this morning.


Well, here's to hoping that the little black rain cloud decided to stop following me today!


  1. OMG you are having one heck of a day! Sit back, close your eyes just for a brief second and tell yourself that everyone has days like this and it will only make you a stronger person. Then when you get home, pour yourself a stiff one! Hug your kids and get lots of kisses and tell your husband if he dare hands you any crap you will not be responsible for your actions! Tomorrow is a brand new day! :-)

  2. Yes! The sun has come out and the rest of the day has been MUCH better! Well, aside from eating crackers and apple juice from the office kitchen for lunch since I didn't bring anything, lol!