Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The "Mom"icure

Two things have changed since I became a mom over four years ago. One, I realized that I would much rather spend the $45 it costs to get a manicure and pedicure done at the nail salon on Gymboree or Janie & Jack (really super duper cute, but pricey, kids clothes for those who have yet to be initiated into motherhood). And two, nail polish is a freaking waste of time anyway when it chips off within 24 hours from bathing babes or scrubbing bottles.

Sooo...I improvise. I've realized that you can achieve hands that scream to the other mom's on the playground "She's got her sh!t together!!" (little do they know...) with little effort or money. And who can't stand to save a few dimes in this economy??

(Although, can someone explain to me how it is that one of the biggest auto makers in this country can declare bankruptcy and be removed [thats like a BIG time out] from the DOW Industrials the market still closes up????)

I've recently discoverd Ms. Manicure, and I'm in love! NO particular reason, except for the product is quality and its cute. What more reason do you need?? Her (and I'm sure its an "it,"as in a corporation, rather than a "her" but I digress) "Call your Buff" 6-way buff board is the perfect solution to nail polish! With this one handy dandy tool, you can buff your nails to a gleaming shine that won't chip!! Its easy to touch up, doesn't smell, and can't be spilled into your carpet! Simply perfect!!! Go buy one!

Once you have your cuticles trimmed, your nails gleaming with shine and the play doh cleaned out from under your nails, you must pamper your hands! I once heard that the skin on your hands is one of the fastest places for your skin to age (gasp!!!). Take care of it! No one wants wrinkly hands, right?? I have a love affair with Bath & Body Works' True Blue Spa Products. In particular, the "Just a Minute" hand scrub - it leaves your hands as soft as a baby's bottom!!! Then, finish them off with a deep moisturizing treatment with their "Glove Me Tender." Smooth as eggs! (That's for you Ace, since you are being forced to suffer through this).

Now, one must not neglect their tootsies either. I only make time for a pedicure once a month. Maybe now that summer is upon us and my feet will be bare, I'll do it more often. If you really want to recreate the spa experience, get yourself a $20 foot spa. It bubbles, heats, massages, etc. Drop in a drop or two of essential oils (peppermint if you have stinky feet) and kick back and read a magazine or watch some mindless television. Since your toes aren't scrubbing baby bottles or bathing the kidlets, they can safely be adorned with a little color here and there (or alot of color if you are crazy like that).

Now, I must confess that I've never actually personally used the Ped Egg myself... BUT - I've heard enough people raving about it that I keep meaning to buy it. Its only about $10, so not a huge investment. But the old fashioned foot buffing emory board looking thing just ain't cuttting it anymore for me. Ace swears its because I walk around the house barefoot. He always wears slippers and HIS feet are smooth as eggs - which just isn't right. So anyway, if this thing actually works they way they say, then its pretty fan-freaking-tabulous and you must have it. As must I...when I get over my cheapness and drop a Hamilton on it.

So there ya go - Elle's Guide to making other moms green with envy by fooling them into thinking you are so put together that your nails are always perfectly manicured; not stressing about paint chips; and saving a few smackaroos. Who wants to come over for a "spa party"?? The only thing that could make this better would be some chocolate, wine and friends!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to endorse any of the products shown in this blog. If only, right?


  1. love it! i really need to take better care of my hands. mainly i find myself just cutting the nails down to the quick so i don't have to deal with them. not exactly glamourous.

    i have that ped egg thingy and it is awesome. just have to be careful not to go overboard or you get "raw" feeling skin on your heels, which doesn't feel good rubbing inside of socks especially when running.

    good post!

  2. spa party? me! me! me! ME!

    I also have the ped egg and LOVE it. I've had sandpaper feet since I love to go barefoot. I agree that you must be diligent about not overdoing it or you will pay the price.

    maybe we can combine this with the wine tasting? seriously, let's make a plan.

  3. I also have the Pedi Egg! But I do indulge in pedicure thru the summer. In the winter my feet stay hidden in socks! Aloe infused of course! Can I come to your party too!?

  4. um if the spa party is anything like melissas shower than i am in, fo real. and i am TOTALLY thinking wine tasting as well... but then leave it to my fatty ass to bring in the appetizers, but we should all make our fave appetizers too! get papmered, fat and tanked woohooo!

  5. Ok we have a party to plan ladies! We can each bring an appetizer and a beverage- Chantelle, you can provide the foot bath and scrubs. Deal??? :)

  6. lmao now we just have to pick the date - and you all already KNOW how damn hard that is! how about we just plan it for the day we go to the beach lmao, we'll already have the sand and water for our feet pampering, and there are lots of stones along the beach so we can do some hot stone therapy, seaweed masks for our faces, daily dose of vitamin D compliments of the sun, we just need the scrubs and lotions and can rinse off in the water (that water needs some fresh'n up anyways!) lol and then we get tanked and fat on the beach! lmao.

  7. I'm going to start taking better care of my hands too -- I just do the cut-nails-super-short thing and leave it at that. I'm better about taking care of my feet, but I did get WAAAAY too carried away with my PedEgg once about a year ago. OWIE. I'm still slightly afraid of that thing. *shudders*