Thursday, May 28, 2009

One day I will....

Take a photography class.

Take a cake decorating class.

Join a book club.

Take up pilates.

Learn how to speak French.

And Tagalog.

Take my kids to the zoo on a weekday.

Go on vacation to a heavenly tropical island.

And Napa.

Plant a vegetable garden.

And a flower garden (with no bees, please!).

Write a book.

Start a volunteer support group for bedresting mommas-to-be and/or preemie parents.

Spend a whole day with both of my kids without anything on the to-do list, just savoring every moment of them.

You could say I've had a particularly long ... difficult ... day at work today. I thought maybe thinking about my "someday dreams" would make me feel better!

What will you do "someday"?????


  1. Ooh, this is fun!

    One day, I'd like to (not in any particular order)...

    Own one of each: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin

    Build our dream home

    Start a non-profit organization

    Establish a family of Mutual Funds (complete with a CUSIP Number and SEC Registrations for all)

    Employ 1000+ people at

    A simple wish list, for a simple man!

  2. Yeah, you put my photography class and zoo trip to shame!

  3. I would like to:

    Get a degree
    Own my own home
    Live close to my grandchildren so as to spoil them rotten and be a big part of their lives!
    Take a cruise to some place like Alaska, Carribeans, etc...

  4. Get toned
    Take a dance class
    Go on a missions trip
    Learn to make sushi
    Pay off our loans
    Get a make up artistry certificate
    Own a beach house.........

  5. Ooooh....I want a beach house too!!! Where Mel? Maybe we can go in on it together!!

  6. I'd rather own a condo in a high rise by the beach. Less maintenance, no yard work to up-keep and an elevated view of the ocean!

  7. Ace, always practical.

    I will... my aunt's beach house from her
    ...become a certified Divemaster
    ...dive The Galapagos Islands
    ...stay in one of those huts out over the ocean in Fiji or Bora Bora or some other paradise
    ...learn to make a perfect rolaten
    ...go back to school for my PhD OR get my RN and become a nurse midwife. Or both.

  8. oh, and if you go to Napa I am folding myself up into your suitcase. In the meantime, how about a ladies' trip to Linganore Winery or Tarara?

  9. Dude, I'm SO up for a wine trip! Name a date!

    I vote you become a nurse midwife Becca! Then you can deliver my next child :)