Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Day!

Today is the first race in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing - the Kentucky Derby!! And since my mom lives minutes from Churchill Downs, it is a holy day of observation for my family. Plus, its kind of fun! I love the wild and crazy hats all the ladies wear!

So, every year, my mom makes us each pick a horse and she places a bet for us. If our pick wins, she gives us the money. Mind you, I've never won. Perhaps that has something to do with my methodology. You see, I look down the list of names and pick the name that sounds most appropriate for each of us. I could care less about the odds!

This year's picks are:

Me - Advice - odds 30:1*
Ace - Mr. Hot Stuff - odds 30:1
Carter - Summer Bird - odds 50:1
Bennett - Join the Dance - odds 50:1

* Odds are as of this posting.

The logic behind my horse is obvious - I am a lawyer, I give advice for a living! I picked Ace's horse (he's still asleep - grrr!), so I picked a horse consistent with his egotistical personality! Carter picked his horse, but I think its a good one for him! I picked Join the Dance for Bennett because he's on the move these days!

Come 6:00 p.m. tonight, we'll be tuning in to cheer on our horses! My little brother Jimmy (aka Peanut) will be performing along with the University of Louisville Marching Band, playing cymbals, prior to the race! Keep an eye peeled for him!!!! And wish us luck!


  1. aww...I saw the title and thought you were going to talk about Roller Derby! Lol =)

  2. Okay so our horses are still trying to find their way around the track! I never have much luck picking the winner! This year was a shocker! There has only been one horse to win the Derby at higher odds! Can't remember who though. My Mother use to put a $2 bet on the long shot because you would never know what could happen! The Derby was full of high odds this year. Seemed like no one really had a favorite. But watching the people and the feastivities is loads of fun! And being able to yell for a horse makes it more interesting (even though it's a long shot!).