Monday, May 18, 2009

Bulking up!

I love Costco. LOVE it! I get a thrill at seeing how much money I save! Yes, I'm one of those dorks who sits there and calculates my savings.

Here's today's calculation:

Strawberries (6 lbs) $6.99 = $1.17/lb v. Grocery $2.99 (1 lb) = $1.82/lb or 10.92 total savings!

Blueberries (18 oz) $6.49 v. Grocery (4.4 oz) $3.99 = 55 cents/ounce or $9.84 total savings!!!!!

Eggo Homestyle Waffles (60 ct) $7.49 = 12 cents/waffle v. Grocery (10 ct) $2.99 = 30 cents/waffle = 18 cent/waffle or $10.80 total savings!!

Mott's Apple Juice (2 gallons/256 oz) $6.59 v. Grocery (64 oz) $3.00 = 2 cents/oz. or $5.60 total savings!

Tropicana OJ (192 oz) $7.49 v. Grocery (89 oz) $5.99 = 3 cents/oz or $5.24 total savings!

Organic Milk (1/2 gallon) $3.20 v. Grocery (store brand) $3.99 = 79 cent savings per 1/2 gallon.

Breakstone Cottage Cheese (48 oz) $4.29 v. Grocery (16 oz) $2.50 = 6.5 cents/oz or $3.18 total!

Shredded Mexican Cheese (40 oz) $5.59 v. Grocery (store brand, 8 oz) $2.79 = 21 cents/ounce or $8.40 savings!!!!!!

Organic Eggs (2 doz) $6.99 v. Grocery (store brand, 1 doz) $3.99 = 50 cent/dozen, $1 savings

Bananas (8 ct) $1.29 v. Grocery (8 ct) $3.12 - $1.83 savings

Ok, this is just a sampling, I have more, but that probably would just bore you!

These days, I buy almost everything from Costco. Most things you can freeze (we have a deep freezer in the basement), and we rarely let anything go to waste. I buy meats bulk and then separate them out in freezer ziploc bags. I buy bread there and throw one loaf in the freezer. I buy the 3-pk of organic milk (we buy 2% for Carter and whole for Bennett), and throw the extra 2 in the freezer. I think one of the biggest savings we get is with BERRIES. My kids loooooove berries. They are quite expensive from the grocery store! If you can't use all of them before they spoil (and I swear Costco produce lasts longer...), then freeze them and use them in smoothies!

Yay for Costco! I get a high off saving money!


  1. does organic milk taste the same as regular?

  2. Tastes better IMO. I read that the horomones they give non-organic cows to induce lactation has been causing kids to go through puberity much earlier than they used to. So I only give mine organic.

  3. way to go, Elle. That IS a lot of savings. :)

  4. I agree about the organic milk. We only drink organic here. eggs too.