Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Always Be Prepared

My 8 year Girl Scout career has served me well. If I hadn't learned from that to always be prepared, I certainly learned the lesson well during my first year of motherhood! You never know what sort of curve ball these little monsters will throw your way! By the end of Carter's first year, I was packing so much gear in my diaper bag, that it weighed more than he did! That is quite a feat considering he weighed 27 lbs at age 1!!!

Then I got wise. A lot of stuff, you don't need to tote with you everywhere you go. You just need it close enough by that you can access it when the occasion arises. I got the idea to pack a small Rubbermaid bin full of all those random extras you need, and keep one "kit" in each car. These kits have saved my behind (and my kids') more times than you can imagine! I re-check and stock it everytime the weather changes - warm to cold or cold to warm.

This weekend, I made up my summer kits! Here are my necessary items:

* Sunscreen
* Bug Repellant
* Change of clothes for each - shorts, t-shirt, socks, undies
* light weight jacket for each
* 3 extra diapers
* Travel wipes
* Hand sanitizer
* Benadryll bug bite soothing pen
* Snacks - 4 cereal bars, cheerios, fruit snacks
* Two bottles of water
* An extra baby bottle and formula (to make 6 oz)
* Coloring book and coloring pencils (crayons will melt)
* A baby toy and board book
* Beach towel for impromptu picnics!

I swear, all of this except the beach blanket fits neatly into the Rubbermaid bin so it doesn't take up any space in the trunk. We already have a First Aid Kit in the car. Can you think of anything I'm missing??

Bring on summer!!!!!


  1. You crack me up! You are so the girlscout and beyond! I will always remember the night coming back from the hospital when B was sick and the windows fogged up, you grabbed my scarf to clean the window off! (While it was still around my neck, mind you. LMAO)A quick thinker when supplies are not handy!

  2. i love emergency kits and organization! now, if i could only find the TIME to do it! and the brain cells to REMEMBER that I did it!!!!
    please, blog on that!!!! lol where to find extra brain cells and how to add minutes to the day. thanks!!

  3. Nail clippers Mel??? For an impromptu manicure?? he he he.

    I have bandaids in our first aid kit.