Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ebbs and Flows

A solid four years in to this working mom venture, I've learned that there is a cycle where work demands more of your time, and times when "home" demands more. Right now, work is winning out hands down!

I will refrain from complaining. Its a very good thing that my Firm is so busy right now. A lot of law firms (most of the big ones) have been laying off green-behind-the-ears associates like myself. Many of my friends from law school have fallen victim to the economy. So, yes, its a good thing.

Unfortunately, when work picks up the pace, most of my "extras" such as reading, cleaning my house (ha!), and yes, even blogging, get pushed to the wayside. But that is ok. Because I know its cyclical. Soon enough, the equilibrium will readjust to center again. That is, if the trial we have scheduled for August either settles or get postponed (please pray! trials are hell!!).

How is business for everyone else? Seems like things are picking up a little bit all around!


  1. girl, busy doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm in charge of several external projects, three of which are being done in Oregon so I have to work on PST. I will be happy when it settles down. My house looks like a tornado went through it!

  2. Eww Becca, that BLOWS!!! That means you have to work through the evening?!? BLAH!

    Yay for job security though!

  3. Yeah, that cycle has landed me in a pretty busy spot myself. About a month ago, I went to my chief and asked for more work because I had wrapped up a bunch of my cases. Of course, now she gave me a HUGE case - my biggest EVER -- which is occupying all of my time. It's a case that got transferred to me by another attorney handling it who has a COMPLETELY opposite filing and organizational method than mine (You're type-A like me, so hopefully you can empathize). And of course she gives me this case, which is sure to last at least a year, at the same time that I got the teaching position - which is going to be A LOT of work! When it rains, it pours I suppose!