Thursday, July 2, 2009

In the Present

Its so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and forget to really live. I find myself rushing through the mornings and evenings with the kids, just trying to get them dressed and fed. All too often, I'm physically there, but I'm not really THERE with them. My mind is occupied with a million other things. Of course, the busier I am with work and miscellaneous stuff, the more distracted I am.

This morning, I took Carter to the dermatologist. As we were in the waiting room, he and I played a little game where he hid his toy, and I found it. I found myself really being present in the moment - making eye contact, really focusing on him, and blocking out other thoughts from my mind. Wow, what a wonderful time just 15 minutes in the waiting room turned out to be!!! I could tell Carter really was enjoying my undivided attention too. Plus, he was so well behaved! (Isn't most acting out at this age a call for attention??).

So, here's the challenge - when you are with your kids, make eye contact with them, get on their level, block out the world, and just really focus on them! My mid-year resolution is to make a point of being present in the moment when I am with my kids!


  1. I think that being "in the present" is something we all need to work on. I have really enjoyed my week here at the beach for that very reason! I've gotten to enjoy my kids and just really BE with them.

    I have also really put this in practice with my husband. So often we get lost in just the daily actions of our lives we forget to just stop and look at each other and remember what it is we love so much. We've really focused on creating that time to be with one another. We turn off the computers, tvs and cell phones, and give ourselves the chance to reconnect.