Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've been cheating...

... on my blog. Yep, instead of getting on here at night and pouring out my 2 cents ( or 25 on a really profound day), I've been spending my evenings ...

Doing P90X!!!

Its a total body workout program that includes 12 different workouts. You work out 6 days a week for approximately an hour. The program is set up in three phases - totaling 90 days. Some of the work outs are strength training, some are stretching and flexibility, and others are intense cardio.

I'd heard about this program casually from several people, but it was actually Ace who researched it and peaked my interest in it! He has a friend who did the program and went from beer gut to ripped in 90 days! Sounds enticing, right???

So, we went online and looked at the message board forums and again and again, when the person actually stuck to it, they had amazing results at the end of 90 days! For example...

This lady had three babies and, like me, was struggling to burn off the excess skin and baby fat. Can we say AMAZING?!?!?

This girl was a marathon runner, but she never could get the definition she wanted. She tried P90X before her wedding, and can we all just have a moment of silence now to drool over her abs??

These are just two examples of many! But they were inspiring enough to me to make the commitment for 90 days to make my health a priority! I've been very fortunate to have several workout buddies (Ace, my sister-in-law, and my brother- in-law's girlfriend) on this endeavor with me. They definitely help when your motivation is lagging and you are tempted to take just one night off!

Fast forward and I'm now in the middle of week 4!!!! I'm seriously amazed that I've stuck with it this long because these workouts are INTENSE. But I'm seeing results and every day I feel like I'm getting stronger. Its almost addicting! Plus, my energy has been through the ROOF!

So, I may post my before pictures and my end of Phase I pictures on here on Monday (or I may not, depending, lol!). I haven't really lost much weight thus far (2 measly lbs), but I can definitely see major changes going on with my body! I figure I'm adding muscle right now and the weight loss will eventually follow. One way I know for sure that this is working - I can actually fit back into my size 4 dress pants!!!!! I was seriously beginning to fear that would never happen again! YIPPEE!!!!

So, stay tuned on my progress!!! I'll try to be a little more faithful to you in the future :)


  1. That's good stuff. Keep it up and put in a workout for me!

  2. I'm so excited to start it!! Thanks for the feedback on the program

  3. I gained an inch on my arms, I'm stronger now than when I used to wrestle in high school (which I thought was my 'prime'). I can kick anyone's butt, I know Kenpo X!

  4. I can't wait to see th before and 30 day picture! and Ace too! We are going to do it too! Having trouble dropping my last 10 pound (or more) and figure why not punish myself for 90 days to get it off! Way to go Elle and you too Ace! Keep up th great work! You ar an inspiration!

  5. wtg guys! you are doing great. I have to get back to doing it. Had to take a break because 3 hours of sleep a night wasn't giving me enough rest to do the workouts. if you stick with it, you will get results!

  6. Hey I thought I posted a comment to this thread! I must have deleted it some how! I want to say keep up the great work girl! You are awesome and you look SUPERB! I am hoping for good results for all of us!

  7. soooooooo, who wants to let me borrow it from them after the 90 days? lol