Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cherish EVERY Day

I know I semi-promised you all photos and stats for the end of Phase I for P90X, but um...my monthly visitor decided to show up and I'm bloated as a whale. I'm looking better this a.m., so maybe I will take those pictures tonight.

Last week, my mom said something rather profound (which is an unusual happening for her... just kidding ;) . We were sharing the usual "Thank God its Friday" banter, when she said, "you know, we spend all week wishing 5 days of our lives away just waiting for the weekend to arrive."

Wow. She's right! First thing Monday morning, I'm already praying to fast foward to Friday afternoon! All week, I grit my teeth and grumble "man, I wish it were Friday already!" What a waste! I'm wishing away 5/7 (71.4%) of my life!!!!

Sure, the weekends are wonderful, but weekdays are a matter of fact and here to stay. So, I've determined to instead of just trying to get through the weekdays in an effort to hurry up the weekend (which is futile since time cannot be sped up), I'm going to make an effort to enjoy EACH day for what it holds!

I love Monday for the freshness and newness of the new week. Its a re-set button, another chance to do things right.

I love Tuesday because I'm settled back into the week's routine.

I love Wednesday because its the halfway point. Even if I'm having a really bad week, I can console myself with the reminder that I'm half way through!

I love Thursday because you can really feel the week's momentum going and because the next day is Friday (sorry, I can't help it!).

What's there not to love about Friday? Its got a more relaxed vibe, a sense of "finishing up" and anticipation of the rest days to come!!!

Add yours - what is there to enjoy about the weekdays??


  1. Great post!

    I love...

    Mondays because I can do my grocery shopping without the crowds

    Tuesdays because most of my errands are done and we can focus on playing

    Wednesdays because we get to go to our nursing group--friends for both of us

    Thursdays because its DH's last day of the workweek, and I know he will be coming home to us!

    Fridays because it is the beginning of Shabbat, and I feel the warmth of our rituals

    Saturdays because we have a whole day to do as much or as little as we like

    Sundays because they seem to have a lazy pace, preparing us for the week ahead!

  2. When you get older you realize these things! LOL It might be another few years before I come up with anothe "profound" statement!

    You are right about cherishing every day. I hate wishing my life away when I only have so much left.