Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Over two weeks into my "Get Fit Challenge" and I have to be honest and say its been a total FAILURE thus far. I've lost one whopping pound. Whoo-de-doo. **rolls eyes**

I try to lay blame on my crazy job for sucking all the energy and life out of me. But really, there is no one to blame by me, myself, and I.

I read somewhere that your physique is determined 60% by diet, 20% by exercise, and 20% genetics. I won't go into the genetics here. But, its been clear that my pitfall has been with the diet element. I could exercise from now until the end of time, and it will only account for 20%. I cannot make long term and sustainable (hell, even short term) progress if I don't get my act together and start eating right.

Generally, I would say that most of the time, I eat well. However, a single day has not gone by during this Challenge that I didn't splurge and eat something off plan. I want to kick myself in the butt now! If I add up all that crap I've eaten the past 15 days, I bet you that would account for MANY pounds I did not lose.

Planning is the critical element. I've been so pressed for time lately that I have really slacked on this element. Heck, I haven't even set foot in a grocery store in like a month. Bad. I HAVE to plan me food. If not, then I grab "whatever" and I guarantee you, "whatever" isn't good for the waistline.

Another issue is that I usually splurge out of emotional eating. FOOD IS FUEL, NOT MEDICATION! I need to emblazon that on my forehead. I eat when I am stressed. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I want a pick-me-up. This pattern is definitely not healthy.

Anyone else like that? How do you overcome that? Logic says that one should recognize the triggers and come up with alternative coping mechanisms. Sounds good, but what exactly do you do?

I've got to do it ladies. I have just GOT to. Nothing will ever truly change unless I do!

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  1. Hugs! Nutrition is by far the hardest and most complicated element to weight loss. I use Sunday as my prep day. I just do it. I force myself to plan and prep and then the other foods are OFF limits. I have everything easily accessible (especially for those times when I need to grab something quick!)

    I used to be an emotional eater too. When I'm bored, I eat, when I'm stressed, I eat, its a vicious cycle! I had to find other outlets. Now, I try and find something active to do to lift my spirits. I play with the kids, I work on a project that is left undone, I do a "pamper" session where I'll do my own nails, take a long shower, etc. SOMETHING that helps my body, not derails it from all my hard work.

    Our jobs are very different, but I have similar stresses in that my work never ends. That's the beast of running your own business. I could work 24/7 and still never be done. I just have to set it aside and know that everything will be there tomorrow. I compartmentalize my life and try to just focus on whatever it is that I'm doing. Its not easy, but it doesn't hurt to try. I'm not a "social" as I used to be, but that's because I just don't have the time; my goals and priorities are else where. I'm working on putting myself back together. Getting myself and my life organized and healthy.

    Just set realistic expectations for yourself. Allow yourself ONE treat a day. Don't quit everythign cold turkey. Ease into working out, give yourself 20-30 minutes each day. Set aside time to plan.