Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut...That is the Question

To cut...
Or not to cut...

That is the question.

Baby boy is starting to look a little shaggy. In fact, strangers keep commenting on my "little girl." Yet, I cannot bear to take a single snip at his precious tendrils. It doesn't show up well in these pictures, but he has the softest and prettiest little curls in the back (of his mullett). I know once they are cut, they are gone forever, as Carter had the same thing.

I just don't know what to do! Obviously, I cannot let it grow forever, and the boy could use a little shape up, especially with those side burns. Isn't long hair in for boys these days??? What to do...what to do....


  1. OMG, those curls are so precious. I say let them lie. Maybe you can find a good stylist who can give him a shape up or something. So adorable!

  2. You've seen pictures of Christian and his long hair! He gets a shape up every couple months but I refuse to let them take much off. Recently I cut his bangs myself. NEVER done that before. Long hair on some little boys is ADORABLE if it's cared for properly!

    OH... and the curls will come back if that's the way his hair is. Christian gets them still. and it's especially cute after he's been running around and is all sweaty!

    I say... Let it grow Elle! ;-)

  3. I think its a personality thing (the kid's personality, not yours!)...do you think B is a long or short hair little man?!?! Either way, he couldn't be cuter!

  4. Cut! :) I am biased- I come from a military family where everyone has super short hair... it's my norm... but I will say this- long hair is IN for middle school boys. So you are correct- long hair is THE thing these days... but I am still a fan of short hair. ;) Whatever you do- take tons of good hair pics, and save those cute curls in a keepsake box!!! He is SOOOOOOO flippin' cute!!!