Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is around the corner - time to...

Check your "Emergency Preparedness Kit" for your cars!

Yeah, I know, there is still almost a week left of summer, but I had the thought now and I can't guarantee I'll have it again later.

Make sure your kids have seasonally-appropriate changes of clothing, and restock anything that's been deplenished while you were having a rocking good time this summer! Also, with all the rainy weather we've been having of late (at least in my neck of the woods), make sure you have an umbrella stashed somewhere in the car.

Two things I learned over the summer must go in the Kit - Tylenol (or Motrin or Advil - i.e. your drug of choice) and a disposible camera for capturing every fabulous moment of your child's life, even the unplanned ones!

Also - does anyone have any genius ideas for how to store water in the car? I've read storing water bottled in plastic is a no-no because the plastic leaches chemicals into the water in the heat. Does anyone sell glass-bottled water?

So, now that I've reminded you - hop to it!


  1. i agree with what erin said on FB - switching them out. but i also think that if the water is for emergency situations, and as long as you regularly switch them out every so often, that in the time of emergency you won't be too concerned with how long they have been in there when you will be relieved and SAVED by the fact that they are in there in the first place.... better to resorting to stream water/rain water or no water at all. And good pointers on the clothing, I don't think I packed either one of us extras!

  2. thanks for the reminder.I don't want to add anxiety to the bottled water situation, but just think how long the water has been sitting in a warehouse or stockroom before it gets to you. If you're looking for glass bottled water though, try Gerolsteiner, Perrier or San Peligrino.