Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've gone insane!!!

I think I've already firmly established the questionable state of my sanity on this blog. But this is different. Well, maybe not.

So, you know that I endured 3 months of grueling physical exercise and completed the P90X program. I was really happy with the level of toning and all the great new muscles I built up! But....unfortunately, I didn't lose a single pound doing this. (Hence the reason I never posted any more progress pics, because you gotta have progress to call them progress pics, right?) So, a nice cushy layer of fat continues to cover up my incredibly strong, sleek and defined musculature. Blech.

Well...keeping in line with my new found fascination for extreme exercise.....

I gotta tell ya, they don't call it "INSANITY" for nuthin! Wowsah, this stuff is hard. Harder than hard. Twice as hard as P90X, if you can imagine that!

Its intense cardio-based interval and strength training. Unlike traditional interval training, INSANITY flips the model, making the "intense" (i.e. pushing yourself as hard as you can go) interval 3 minutes long and the rest/recovery period only 30 (measley) seconds. I've completed two of the work outs, and I gotta say, if this doesn't whittle me down a few sizes, then I dunno what will! 'Cuz its a little...insane.

But I love pushing myself and surprising myself with what I didn't think I could do! Stay tuned!


  1. if you can get through P90X, I think you will get through Insanity once you get a little used to it. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I'm still on the fence about this one!

  2. You can do it!!!!! GO CHANTELLE!!!! WHOOP whoop!