Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Club: Brainstorm for October!!

Don't forget that this FRIDAY is our first ever Book Club discussion post for The Lovely Bones! I can't wait!! I've pre-programmed the post to come up at 6:00 a.m. for those who are uber-excited and anxious to share their thoughts!

Being that October is a mere two days away...we need to start brainstorming book ideas for our October selection. EVERYONE - please post some ideas of books that are on your list to read!


Also, while you're at it - I recently had a funny discussion with some friends about finding time to read and the funny times and places we read. My friend and I discovered that we both sneak in a page or two during the two minutes it takes to brush our teeth (on the morning Bennett isn't hanging off me...)!!

What are the "interesting" ways you squeeze in a little page turning???


  1. pumping time = reading time. currently I'm reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown but I don't know if it is book club worthy. I'm willing to pick up anything

  2. I'm number 377 on the wait list for this book at the library right now, lol!!!!!

  3. I am currently reading the Lost Symbol as well. I read during lunch at work, on the elliptical at the gym (can't read and run get motion sick!) at night when I get into bed (helps me fall asleep too!), and other times we will keep a secret. LOL But I am not tied down with toddlers and preschoolers either! I am going to the bookstore today and I will look for some other possibilities for October's reading!