Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a Soccer Mom!!!

After 4.5 long and grueling years of waiting with great anticipation for our first-born child to enter the whirlwind world of extra-curriculars, Carter did so on Friday, simultaneously marking my inception into the genre of "soccer mom."

Soccer wasn't exactly my or Ace's first choice of sport, since neither of us have ever really been all that interested in soccer. But we were lured in by the promise of Carter constantly running the field, which we idealistically believed would later translate into a solid (and early) night of sleep for our Pre-K'er. Well, the sleep didn't so much result, but the boy had fun! And that is what matters, isn't it???

(He's in the white shirt and navy shorts, in case you didn't notice).

Of course, little brother cannot resist participating in any activity of his idol (i.e. older bro), and was constantly trying to get in on the practice. He was relegated to the role of water boy for at least another 3 years. Poor Bennett.

Yep, so for the next five Friday afternoons, you can find Ace and I at the soccer field! I actually think this is going to be quite fun!

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