Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moms Gone Wild!

On Monday, I took a "mental health" day off of work and got together with some girlfriends in Harper's Ferry, WV, to splash in the river and soak up some rays! It was such a relaxing day!

The Gang


And then we got this crazy idea to do yoga in the middle of the river (three of us are doing P90X)...

Mel showing her mastery with the scorpion pose (excuse the self-afflicted bruise)

Me doing the Tree pose.

Me doing a non-pose, I dunno what I'm doing here.

Me doing Warrior 3.
And of course, after all that hard work, we had to end the day with some frozen custard

It was the perfect summer day without jobs and kids for just a few hours! I've concluded that I must take random days off like this more often! I never take time off unless one of my kids is sick! Taking a day here and there for myself will leave me much-refreshed and rearing and ready to go!


  1. i was telling melissa that we should make a seasonal thing of it.... like summer day trip to the beach or a river, fall trip to the mountains, a spring trip to a farm to pick berries and stuff or something outdoors and like a winter trip to some kind of like day spa or like ski resort......

  2. looks like a great time. mental health days are definitely needed. and can Melissa come and help me with the scorpion pose? she looks like a pro.

  3. Hehe Becca! I love the seasonal idea Lizzie! I had a blast with everyone!!!!!