Monday, August 10, 2009

Product RAVE!

Many moons ago, I bought a pack of Banana Boat Baby sunscreen at Costco, and it came with the sunscreen "stick" as a bonus. I threw it in the diaper bag (b/c its super compact) but hadn't actually used it until this weekend. And well, now I'm HOOKED!
This little product is amazing. Its super small, so it fits in the diaper bag great. But the super awesome fabulous part is that it makes putting sunscreen on squirmy babies and rambunctious 4 year olds a breeze! You just rub it all over them! Its even better for faces, making it nearly impossible to get it in their little eyes! Bonus: you don't have sticky sunscreen all over your hands!
Me encanta! I'm sorry I'm discovering and sharing this with only a few weeks left of summer! Go hither and get yee one, caretakers of small people!

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