Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Juggling Act

Life feels like a juggling act.
You try your hardest to keep all the balls in the air at once.

You believe that the balls are glass; if one falls, it will surely shatter.

Better yet, the balls are made of glass, and they are all connected to each other by an invisible string. If one falls, it pulls down the others with it, and only those balls which you can hold securely in your two hands remain safe.

The better you become at juggling, the more balls you add. You have this idea that the more balls you have, the happier and more fulfilling life will be.

But the more balls you add, the faster your arms must work to keep them in the air. Thus, your exhaustion grows and you will eventually run out of energy to keep up "the act." At some point, you must chose a ball to let go. But which one? They all seem so important. They all seem so interesting. While you labor to decide, one falls.

Something astonishing happens - it does not shatter! Rather, it bounces! And you discover that you can put down balls and pick them back up again! The revelation has been made that, while no woman (or man, especially not a man) is capable of maintaining perfect balance forever, we do have the choice to determine at this moment which balls to keep in the air. In that, we can experience the multitude of joys in this life, while not forsaking the joy of simply living.


  1. i really honestly like this analogy.

  2. BALLS, BALLS, BALLS all I heard and envisioned were BALLS!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO a middle school teacher!!!!!!!!

  3. LMFAO can i telly uo a funny story.....

    at the dinner table last night, bailee decides it was appropriate to just yell "BALLS!" followed by an even more appropriate "PENIS!!!!!!"........... i am proud. so proud.