Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

When I was growing up, my mom used to cover up one of the doors in the house with paper and each of us would write or draw on there what we were thankful for each Thanksgiving. This year, I decided to carry on that tradition with my own kids! They thought it was a hoot getting to "write on the wall" (now let's hope they realize that they can't actually write on the wall anywhere else...).

Carter drew pictures of his family, a Bakugan, and he asked me to draw the world. He also asked Ace to draw him a "skinny elephant" - and the significance of that is completely lost on me, but you can't squelch their creative spirit ;) Bennett made some scribbles, and just like his talking, we have no idea what he means.

Ace put some "odd" things to be thankful for, but I guess that is his prerogative. It was a really fun activity to do together as a family though and I think we'll continue this tradition through the years.

Do you have any particular Thanksgiving traditions you do with your family?


  1. We always go around, ALL of us, before dinner to say what we are thankful for. It is a sweet reminder that the holiday is not just about the yummy grub (and always funny to hear what the kids are thankful for)!

    I LOVE this idea...I think I'll steal it for next year!

  2. making the turkey dance. my dad always sang some stupid song and would make the turkey dance in the sink and he would laugh harder than the rest of us would. so, i entertain the family with a turkey dance. however, i love the wall idea!