Sunday, October 18, 2009


You know me. I'm stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel. Not just with my career, which is endlessly sucking hours out of my day that I don't even have. But, with everything. Every week I start off believing THIS week, I will do it right. I will keep my life in order. I will enforce routines. But it never happens. I swear, once upon a time, I really did have my life together. I dunno what happened. Oh yeah, I had another baby (and I want another one too, like, really bad). But, I refuse to surrender defeat and conclude that those days are gone for good. So, yep, each Sunday night, I sit here and write out my game plan for getting my act together.

This week I WILL...

...get up when my alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. No matter how sleepy (or, lazy) I feel or cold the house is. Or, how much sleep I got the night before. out each and every morning. Again, no matter how lazy I feel. I mean, sleepy.

...leave the house on time, no matter what dilatory tactics Carter pulls.

...focus at work and make every minute count, resulting in less work I have to bring home with me and more billable hours. healthy, whole foods. I will NOT cave into that evil little demon inside my head that says "but you NEED that Coke because you need the caffeine jolt."

..."eat the frog" and conquer my most-loathed task first thing in the day.

...not sit down at night to "relax" until my home to-do's are scratched off, and I've spent 15 minutes doing general pick up around the house.

...fold AND put away the laundry on the same day I wash and dry it. As opposed to leaving it in piles around the house for the entire week like I usually do.

Yes, I WILL do these things. You'll hold me accountable, won't you?

But if I don't, please don't judge me too harshly because I never have a problem with plastering my babies with kisses, and cuddling with them and soaking them up and breathing them in. And those "to do's" mean so much more in the long run, right??? But I digress, because I'm determined. I WILL regain control.


  1. What about picking just one or two "I wills" and then focusing on them for the week? If you try to do that entire list it is impossible! But if you do one or two, then it's possible, and you will feel accomplished!!! I read that somewhere when I was feeling overwhelmed. Now I focus on "the power of one." I aim to do one important thing to me each day, and as long as it's done, I do not feel bad. The thing is, once I do my "one thing" I tend to do at least a couple others. Regardless, I feel good even if my whole list doesn't get accomplished. It works for me, so I thought I would pass the idea on! Love ya!!!

  2. excellent advice, Melissa. I'm a big fan of the "to-dos and ta-dah's" theory. You come up with one or two important to-dos in the morning or whenever you set the schedule. In the evening, you get to check off those things and celebrate the ta-dah's anything extra you got done. Today's to-do was to vacuum the basement. did it and ta-dah! I also got my desk cleared off, the stuff put away and desk freecycled. Ta dah!

  3. Yeah, I've pretty much failed at most of these resolutions. But I HAVE been rocking my new diet. And I HAVE been focusing really well at work and getting a TON done! I'm about 50/50 this week for getting up on time, lol. But I at least feel like I'm making progress this week, so I'll take it. The laundry can wait until tomorrow night and I'll fold it while watching Grey's Anatomy!

  4. That's the spirit Chantelle! Focus on one or two "to-do's" and then the rest can be ta-das like Becca said! That's exactly what I do- I just didn't have a name for it! I LOVE it- TA-DA! :)