Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Great Diaper Dilemma

Recently, I read about the horrors that "regular" disposible bleached diapers can wreak on your baby's skin and endocrine system. So, I got this wild hair thinking I HAD to go cloth. I think cloth dipes are really cute, but I cringe at the logistics of it, and had never really condsidered it prior. I mean, changing a dirty diaper is unpleasant enough, I can't imagine adding more steps to the process. Plus, all that laundry... Like I need more laundry.

I thought that I was all settled on my decision to cloth diaper. I was drawn to the one-size BumGenius diapers, since I would only have to buy one set to last us through to potty training. But even then, when I calculated the initial cost out-lay to buy the supplies to start cloth diapering, it was still rather substantial. In comparison to my estimated cost to continue using disposible diapers, I would only save maybe $300 over the next year and a half (assuming Bennett potty trains by age 3). But what if I spent all that money on diapers and I didn't like it?? It just didn't work out? Plus, my husband wasn't completely sold on the idea.

Then, a friend tipped me off to a GREAT deal!!!
She buys the Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers from When you subscribe for regular delivery (options for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months...), you get 15% off. The price for 140 size 3 dipes, delivered, is only $37.39! This is about the same price I paid for my beloved Pampers Cruisers at Target with a coupon. But now, its regularly delivered! No more diaper-roulette for me, waiting to see how long I can go between rushing to Target late at night when our last diaper is consumed. Plus, I really like the diapers! They fit well, absorb well, and are really soft!

Since I'm not one to keep great deals to myself, I had to share! Maybe I'll try cloth-diapering with the next babe, but for now, I'm satisfied with this health alternative!

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  1. 7th Gens are great for disposables. They are the only disposables that will contain my son's mega pees and they are also the only ones I have found that do not stink. We use them at daycare but CD at home. I love my bumgeniuses and am going to add some Econobum one size prefolds and covers to my stash ($40 for 12 one-size pfs and 3 covers, yes I think that's a great deal!)

    Glad you found something that soothes your wallet and your conscience!