Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Now, we shall not call this a "shower" as it is apparently taboo to have a shower for any baby but your first.  Yes, ma'am Ms. Emily Post.   However, 'round these parts, it has become common to have "sprinkle" for subsequent babies - a smaller and more intimate celebration of an impending birth.  When my good friend "AA" offered to host one of these shindigs for me, I gladly accepted!  I was very excited - not for gifts really - but to have an opportunity to share my blissful anticipation of my little girl with my close friends and family!

AA organized a beautiful, yet intimate, event at a local restaurant that specializes in Greek food.  She served plates full of delicious hors d'ouvres and made these adorable little cloth diaper favors with girly colored M&M's inside.  I had SUCH a wonderful time visiting and chatting with everyone!  Its hard to find time in our busy lives to get together, so it was a cherished opportunity! 

Unfortunately, we were all having SUCH a good time, that no one remembered to take photos!  Here are the lonely three photos that were taken:

My eyes grew wide as the gift table disappeared from view underneath bags and boxes of pink and purple wrapping.  I was NOT expecting this.  At all.  Now, I must say that the #1 culprit here is without a doubt my best friend Melissa.  She is an over achiever.  And an over-giver.  She is SO excited for a little girl to be born (we currently have 4 boys between us) into our crew that she went a little crazy - shoes, hair accessories, bottles, baby medicine, baby wash, a Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Yellow, burp rags, Aden & Anais Oh Girl! Swaddle Wrap 4 Pack, and oodles of clothes!!!! 

I also received several beautiful hand-made gifts, including gorgeous painted bird houses from my mom and sister, a needle-pointed blanket from my mom, and a knit hat from a friend!

My other friends also inundated us with wonderful and thoughtful gifts as well.  As I walked out of the restaurant that night, I could not think of a single thing I had left to buy before baby girl arrived!!  I was overwhelmed by the generosity.  It may have been called a "sprinkle" but we were literally showered with love!

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