Monday, December 13, 2010

I can't help but whine.

As of yesterday, I am 38 weeks pregnant.  I know I shouldn't complain since I have 2 weeks until my due date.  But darnit, I'm going to complain anyway.

I'm just READY to have this baby. 

I'm huge.

I'm swollen.

I keep throwing up.

I think my tail bone is dislocated, as I have an annoying "clicking" with every step.

My back hurts.  A lot.

I have false/prodromal labor ALL.THE.TIME.   Contractions strong enough to make me grimace and wake me up at night.  Yet, the moment I start to think "this could be it!" - they stop.  Damnit!

I'm sore all over from said contractions.

I sleep like crap.  Restless leg syndrome.  And it hurts to sleep on my left side now, which is the ONLY way I can sleep. 

I'm cranky.  REALLY cranky. 

But really - I just WANT MY BABY!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to meet her.  I honestly never thought I'd be pregnant this long.  And now, I feel like there is no end in sight! 

I know... no woman has ever been pregnant forever.  It could happen any minute.  But that is little consolation these days.

The not-pregnant me would get annoyed with a 38-week pregnant woman whining the way I do.  But, hey - its my right to be hypocritical! 

Ok, whine over.  Back to work.  Must keep my mind busy...

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  1. So crazy you wrote this because I have a post ready to go and it is quite similar to this one...haha! Congrats on 38 weeks! You are almost there; we are both almost there! It's just a misearble time right now, this week has been the worse for me too! End is near...and at the end four beautiful girls wil be here!!! Hang in there girl!