Thursday, October 14, 2010

Isla's Nursery

After two boys, I cannot even begin to tell you the fun I've been having preparing for a little girl!!  I wavered back and forth between using the same nursery set I had for the boys (Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Lambie) because it was gender neutral, or splurging a bit and redecorating the nursery in a more feminine pattern.  I figured, this is my last baby, my only girl, I should enjoy it!!

Right now, the nursery is basically a storage room while we work on combining the boys into one room.  Lots of organizing and purging still to be done.  But I couldn't wait for the "finished product" (which in all honesty may be weeks or months coming still) to share with you the nursery plans!!

I definitely did not want a Pepto-Bismol pink nursery.  I like pink.  In small doses.  So, when I saw the Penelope nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids with its combination of various shades of pink with yellow and green, I was in love!  Plus, I kind of have a "thing" for birds. 

The walls will be painted a pale yellow, and we'll hang the quilt on the wall above the changing table/dresser.  There is one "empty" wall where I plan to put this fun wall decal:

I scored a used (but very good condition) hot pink/light pink blended chenille oval rug with a wide green edging off of Craigs List for PENNIES compared to the $300 the same rug sells for retail!

For the closet, I found these adorable clothing dividers on Etsy!

Sure, what's IN the closet is trivial, but I love details!

I do plan on reusing the same curtains from the boys' nursery, and they just so happen to coordinate pretty perfectly!

Above the crib, I will paint wooden letters to match spelling out her name.  And if I get reallllllly ambitious (i.e. am successful at convincing my husband to do it), I may make a few bird houses painted to coordinate to hang on that wall too!

Considering she'll be here in 10 weeks or less, I better get hopping on this massive project!!!  Keep a look out for photos!


  1. Love, love, love Isla's nursery (or what's to come)! So beautiful!! :)

  2. LOVE it. girly but not toooooo girly.

  3. SOOOOO Can't wait for the finished product! Such cute stuff!

  4. omg, one of my favorite favorite memories of my childhood room was an antique white birdcage, suspended from the ceiling on a flower hook, with fake flowers adorning it and christmas lights in and on it - it was my nightlight and it was so amazingly magical and beautiful to me, and everytime i go to a yard sale or a flea market, the first thing that catches my eye are the antique birdcages and my goal is to make bailee a nightlight like it. so i say GO FOR THE BIRDHOUSES because you never know what will become one of her most cherished childhood memories!