Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birth Stories! Birth Stories!! Calling all Birth Stories!!!

I love birth stories. LOVE them. I love hearing how a woman feels at each stage in that incredible transition to motherhood. So, give 'em to me!

Now! That's an order! ;)

Please??? Pretty pretty pretty please???

I'll post mine too!


  1. Carter Armando

    Carter had been measuring several weeks ahead of his gestational age for most of my pregnancy. At 36 weeks, the ultrasound estimated his weight to already be 8 lbs! So, my OB recommended that we induce early at 38 weeks to improve my chances at that natural vaginal birth I wanted so badly. (I later learned that inducing early for a suspected large baby makes no difference in the outcome). I tried EVERYTHING I could in those two weeks to coax him out on his own! Spicey food, walking walking walking, way more sex than any woman that pregnant should have to endure, castor oil (PUKE!), bouncing on the exercise ball - EVERYTHING. I was having TONS of contractions and dilating pretty well, but no labor!

    So, 6:30 a.m. on March 11, 2005, I stroll into the Labor and Delivery Ward. They hook me up to the monitors and discover I'm already 2.5 cm dilated and nearly 100% effaced, and contracting every 6 mins! I should have just got home at that point and waited for labor to start on its own! The plan had been for my OB to break my water first and let me walk to see if I could get into active labor on my own. But the nurse went head and hooked pitocin up immediately. I was stupid and didn't object. Holy heck - those contractions hit fast and furious! No gradual easing into it! Nope! Then my OB came in and broke my water. It was a HUGE gush, I'll never forget that feeling. I just started sobbing! I don't know what my problem was, but I knew that was the point of no return, and I felt "bad" for taking away his warm comfy swimming pool!

    Man, if I thought the contractions hurt before, NOW they REALLY hurt. The pain tripled in intensity after my water was broken! Despite my protests, half of our family was there already waiting. I had my mother in law, my mom and my best friend in the room with me. My dad kept coming in, but he was irritating me by taking pictures of me in agony and talking about stupid stuff, I don't even remember, so I kicked him out pretty early on, lol. Then my mother in law - who I had there for support/advice since she's had 5 natural childbirths - made a comment about 5 hours in about how her labors were "never like this" and I kicked her out too, lol. I was in agony, with contractions 2-3 mins apart, and many right on top of each other with no break. I was doing my meditation and breathing as much as I could. But man it hurt! After about 10 hours, I started to doubt my ability to go med free. I was only 4 cm dilated at that point. But a good pep talk from the nurse (actually, what she said was "I had two med-free births on pitocin, it is possible if you really want it") motivated me to persevere. But after 13 hours, I was STILL only 4 cm, and my contractions were right on top of each other. My OB came in and said that at that point I could either get an epidural or a c-section.

  2. I chose the epidural - DUH! I was sooo sooo scared, but the nurse was soo nice and let me bury my face in her boobs (literally) while she held me tight. Honestly, my contractions were so agonizing that I didn't even feel the damn epidural go in! The epi was ok. I felt numb for a little bit, but then I started puking like crazy. Then I started shaking and having hot and cold flashes. That wasn't fun. Then after an hour of these games, the damn thing started to wear off and I fel the contractions again! After 2 hours, they checked me again and I was an 8!!! I was sooooo happy!!!! They checked me again an hour after that and all I had left was a little lip of the cervix! But by that point, I started to have the most incredibly strong urge to push.

    The doctor massaged my cervix and pushed the lip out of the way, and told me I was good to start pushing. OMG, I loved pushing. It was amazing relief from the pain of the contractions. It felt almost orgasmic. ANd I felt SO strong and empowered. It was beautiful! But Carter was facing sunny side up (posterior), so he wasn't descending very well. On top of that, when I pushed, his heart rate began to decelerate some. So, the doctor said he was still pretty high, and to wait a little while and "labor down" before pushing again.

    NOT pushing, however, was SOO hard. My body was almost doing it involuntarily! I had an amaaaazing new nurse who came on in the evening who had me up on my hands and knees and helped me resist the urge to push. THey also cranked up my epi, but it did NOTHING to stop the pain and the urge!

    Laboring down did help some and he had descended further on his own. They let me start pushing again, and even put the mirror there for me to watch! I pushed and pushed my heart out! I got him just to the point where he was starting to crown, and I could see his head! OMG was that motivation - I was DETERMINED to push that baby out then! But, his heart rate kept dropping lower and lower each push. The doctor came in and told me that he was not coming down fast enough and his heart rate was not recovering well. He was in distress, and she was going to do a c-section.

    I told her "but wait, my epi isn't working"!!! She told me not to worry, it was fine. Well, the anesthesiologist poked my belly with a needle and I YELLED. Yep, epi wasn't working! They checked it and it had fallen out of the epidural space!!! Well that explains a lot....

    So, they get me to the OR, give me a spinal block and lay me down. They put an internal monitor on Carter and his heart rate was SUPER low. Either 57 or 37, I don't remember. But I remember the doc saying "we have to get this baby out NOW"!!! Ace had JUST walked in from scrubbing and they hadn't even finished setting up the sterile field!

    But he cried as soon as they pulled him out of me! He was fine! 8/9 Apgars!!! Ace went to the warmer with him and took pictures and brought the camera over for me to see. They had to suction him pretty good, so I didn't get to see him until I was being wheeled out to the recovery room. I was SO exhausted after 18 hours of labor and then major surgery, so I was a little dazed and confused. But I remember Carter looking at Ace SO intently. It was amazing.

    Even though my birth with Carter wasn't exactly what I planned, it was still such a beautiful experience! I really really hope I can go through that again!!!!

    By the way, he was only 7.5 lbs when he was born ;)

  3. funny, i love them too! and love telling mine lol!!!
    thanks for this fun break from work! lol...
    it all began in my bedroom in Darnestown, MD.... lol I won't get that detailed lol!
    basically, i didn't want to get preggo - ever. I was 21, having the time of my life, in the best shape of my life, all was great, but, it happened. and i am so happy it did.
    my pregnancy went well - no sickness, no complications, just a lot of weight gain. well there was one complication, my freaking boobs never grew!!!!!! UGH i am jealous of those mommas with them big old baby boobies (ehhh HEMMMMM, not mentioning any currently pregnant females that we both know who were previsouly blessed with the breasts!.........) lol
    bailee was due on july 4th 2004.... she decided not to come when we were expecting her, so my doctors deicded to induce at 6:00am on july 14th 2004.
    so, it was july 13th.... i had been sleepy all day and just uncomfortable - no cramping, no contractions, just sleepy and uncomfortable. i took plenty of naps that day, stayed quiet and to myself all day, was kinda in a sad mood all day, so we decided that we'd do a "last night" dinner. i wanted my last meal to be yummo, so we went to outback and i just couldnt sit comfortably - i thought it was just nerves and everyone assured me it was. needless to say i didnt get to enjoy the dinner very much. at dinner, my mom told me about how her mucus plug came out and she knew she was going to go into labor - that was the first time i had ever heard of a plug lol. she also told me before the plug came out, she felt weird and she took a bath and it soothed her and relaxed her and then it happened. i guess i have never considered what to do when i went into labor because i just assumed it would never happen since i was being induced. anyways, we go home and jeremy and i rented some movies, i knew i wouldnt sleep so we were going to stay up all night since we had to leave at 5:00am to get to the hospital. so we start watching and i just really felt really uncomfortable so i was like okay, my mom said the bath soothed her, so i am going to take one and i did, well, i tried. i got into the bath and there it went, the plug! lol thank god my mom told me what it would be like! so i start contracting like every 2-4 minutes and had no clue what to do since i was never taught the what to do's since we were just planning on being induced the next morning! so, i never called my doc, never did anything but grabbed my stuff and headed on out the door!
    an hour ride to the hospital is no fun with contractions! lol
    (continue onto next part of comment lol...)

  4. (continuation.....)
    we get to the hospital and since i hadn't called anyone, no one was expecting me so i sat in the waiting room - DYING! i was contracting every 1-2 minutes, that was the worst, to be in the waiting room, just another number, in labor.
    we get in and the doc (not my usual one, but the one on call) was pissed that i never called anyone and i told her look, it is 11:45pm - i am supposed to be here anyways at 5:45am - get OVER IT!
    i labored for about 5 hours, good, strong, steady contractions, was progressing - not fast but not too slow, got the epidural, was being monitored, water broke naturally - all seemed well and then bailees heartrate kept fluctuating. the doc was already pissed at me, so she had nothing to do with me and finally a nurse yelled at her to watch me, that she was concerned. so the doc watched and decided to do a c-section right away, the baby was in distreess. so i got a good 5 hours of labor in - and honestly i am so thankful thats all i got in!!!!
    so we get to the table and they start giving me the meds and ask me if i can feel - and i can. and i still can, and after more increases of meds i STILL can. the anesthesiologist got concerend and said if he has to increase it anymore then i would have to be put to sleep and all at once it ALL hit me, literally like a ton of bricks - my tongue stopped working lol and i was having a hard time breathing and was drooling and jeremy saw me and got flipped out and almost passed out - the docs realized i was probably just fine for the surgery at that point and yanked her on out of there. i dont remember much except for the pressure and the jolting, feeling like i was being pulled apart, i remember jeremy almost passing out, i remember staring at the anesthesiologist hoping he'd notice i was dying, because i felt like i was lol. the next thing i remember was being in the recovery room. when i woke up the nurses expressed to me that they had never seen any woman get the dosage that i had, and that it was going to be a LONG time before I fully recovered from the anesthesia - so i took that as a cue to go back to bed lol.
    i had a really rough time after delivery - crappy hospital, crappy roommate, crappy that hubby couldnt stay overnight with me and had to leave at 7pm each night, just crappy. i think it is what pushed me, or helped me over the edge into my PPD.
    i dont remember the first few months at all, like i said, i had bad PPD, but once the prozac kicked in, it was smooth sailing from there.
    that was fun! lol

  5. Yowsah Lizzie!! Where did you deliver???

  6. Barrett was due on November 10. Well, November 10 came and went. Then it was November 11. I was getting nervous about being induced since I was sure that I wanted a completely unmedicated birth . On the evening of the 11th Bobby and I had a nice dinner, took a walk and decided to watch a movie. I remember sitting on the floor in my basement eating some prunes and drinking red raspberry leaf tea and worrying about being induced. My doctor was adamant that I was allowed to go a week over due date and he told me that I would probably have to be induced since I was only 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I went to bed around 10 and felt like my back was a bit sore but nothing much else.
    At 2:14 I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. As I stood up, I felt and heard a cork being pulled. My water broke in a big gush. I went to the bathroom, peed and water just kept leaking out. I woke Bobby and told him that my water broke but that we had better lay down and try to get some rest since, you know, first labors take forever (see Elle's story). He got up, got a few things together and climbed back in bed.
    About five minutes later I had my first contraction. Then five minutes later another one came. They were coming strong and fast. I decided to get in the shower and decided to wash my hair because I didn't want greasies in my first pictures with my baby. I got out, was having contractions 3 minutes apart. We called the doctor who assured us that it would take a long time since it was my first labor. We headed to the hospital.
    After hiking up the hill to Washington County Hospital, waiting forever in admitting and walking up to L&D, I got checked by my awesome nurse and I was 5 cm. I labored in the bathroom for a while, got checked about an hour later and was 8 cm. The nurse hooked me up to the strip monitor for what seemed like forever. When she got back, she checked me and I had a tiny rim of cervix left.
    The nurse called the doctor who was upset because he got called in early when he had 2 c-sections that day. I started having that undeniable urge to push and Barrett moved down quickly. When the doctor finally showed up, Barrett was crowning and, truth be told, almost delivered. The doctor had just enough time to get his gloves on, turn on the lamp and sit down.
    At 6:41 after only 4 hours and 30 minutes of labor, Barrett was born. A healthy 9 lb 6.5 oz, 22.5 inch baby boy. Completely umedicated. He immediately nursed like a champ but did have to get suctioned out quite bit since he was born so quickly and didn't have time to get "squeezed".
    My favorite part of his birth was after he was born when a huge jet of water shot out. It was seriously like 2 liters of amniotic fluid and it looked like someone was under the bed like a fire hose. One of the nurses said, "that's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time"

  7. shady grove... before the new mother/baby suites. it sucked. another thing they did
    (warning, it's kinda graphic lol) was the night of my c-section (i had bailee at 5:32am) a nurse came in and asked me to stand up so she could change my dressings and bed and stuff, i stand up while she does her thing, and you knowwwwwwwww what is constantly flowing out of you after a baby.... well needless to say, i really felt i needed to have come kind of protection on or be in the bathroom while she changed my bed and i told her to please burry and get my "Dressings" on because it was going to be messy, so she gets down, is about to put something on me, gets an urgent page to go to some room and tells me to stand there and wait.... i STOOD there and waited for 20 mintues! she came back, i was crying because it was embarassing to have made that kind of mess all over the floor and my husbands shoes and she comes in and was like well you made quite a mess, i have to clean the floor - let me get you changed and then you can go take a walk while i clean this.... WTF?!?!?!!?!? i had to, just hours after my c-section (i didnt recover easily) walk for 20 minutes while she cleaned my floor. that was the most embarassing thing ever, and then just painful to have to wait for her to clean...... it was just absolutely horrible. everything about my delivery and the days after in the hospital were nothing but bad, sad and traumatic :(